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Representations and Exclusive Fonseca enjoying a world-seated roots in the Asturian cider. Its origins go back to a young Óscar Fonseca who devoted his life to the Asturian drink from just a teenager. He gave everything for promoting culture and cider in the Principality, especially in the mining, where our current facilities. At 12 he was already in the cider Caster Casa Gerardo in Oviedo and by the year 1964 he began his career as an entrepreneur of cider. It helped to be born and grow to many of the cider houses in the area, which, even today, her children and grandchildren continue to trust in us, inherited from his great expertise.

Although atravesasen times of scarcity, he managed to serve all customers cider barrels in the best testing llagares Asturian cider and always offering the best quality. Citing a few words of Samuel Trabanco, manager of Sidra Llagar Trabanco: "It was a man who worked tirelessly seeking good luck, one that is working to hit, sacrifice and enthusiasm in what you do. That's how Oscar Fonseca took his distribution business, looking good there where cider at that time had already generous to some, where there was water scarcity Asturias.".


Since 2010, with a change in management and facilities while retaining the same passion for cider and distinguished for the quality of our products and their distribution, we continue serving our customers with the best wines from the most representative and emblematic llagares of Asturian scene.

Taking a new step to adapt to current demands of our customers and understanding the culture of the Asturian cider must not only stay on our borders, we start an online store distribution in Spain and throughout Europe where we offer Asturian natural cider both products as Brut cider, cider table new novel expression or non-alcoholic cider, all at a click for all lovers of liquid gold Asturias.